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LNB strives for "paperless" events.  We have enough paperback books and other fun author stuff to carry, we like to keep our information online and mobile.  Please check our website frequently for all info you should need for the event.


Are my tickets refundable?   

No, all ticket sales are final.

Are my tickets transferable?   

Tickets are transferable.  Should you sell or giveaway your ticket, no need to email us for a name change on the ticket.  Whoever has the ticket to scan at check-in is admitted.

Do I need to print out my ticket(s)?  

You may print out your ticket or have your mobile ticket available.  The barcode in your ticket information is scanned at check-in where you will be issued wristbands for your events.  Your ticket will not be necessary after that point.

What if I lose my wristband? 

Wristbands are issued at check-in and are NON-REPLACEABLE.  We STRONGLY encourage you to allow our attendants to attach your wristband(s) at check-in and leave it on for the weekend.  They are lightweight waterproof plastic and will survive swimming, showers, etc.   Wristbands must be worn on your... WRIST.   Wristbands attached to purses, bags, belts, etc. are not permitted.  

I want to bring my significant other, spouse, partner, child, etc.  Do they need a ticket?  

Yes, tickets are required for everyone entering any event.

Is there an age requirement for the event(s)?  

Please note that books of all genres are displayed, discussed, portrayed.  This includes "sexy" graphics, adult language, themes, etc.  LNB is not responsible and this is at the parents' discretion.  Please note that tickets are required for anyone age 10 and older.  

Saturday After-Party Costume Party is 21 and older only.   Please bring your ID.

Will seating maps be available?  

A map of the signing room and other amenities of Planet Hollywood will be available on this website closer to the event.  

Will authors have ticketed lines?

 New this year, we will have volunteers that will hold your place in line for the longer lines.  They will be designated with T-shirts reading "LNB Bookmarks"... thus they are your "bookmark."  Exchange numbers with your Bookmark and visit the shorter lines while they hold your spot.  Your Bookmark will text you when your spot is nearing the front.  Boom.  No tickets (see, we like to keep it paperless).  Meet new friends and thank your wonderful Bookmark for their help and don't miss a moment of the event.

LNB Bookmark Guidelines:   

We recommend you and your Bookmark test your texts prior to separating... make sure numbers are correct and you have a signal in the signing room.  Your Bookmark will text you when there are approximately 10 people ahead of them in line.   They will wait in your spot until you return or they reach the front of the line (whichever comes first) and if you are not there to report to your spot by then, your place will be lost.   The Bookmark will send a follow-up text at that time notifying you that your spot has been lost.

Please do not hoard the Bookmarks.  Share with other readers.

Please do not abuse our Bookmarks.  They are there to save your spot.