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S L Scott

August 12, 2016

Hi *waves* To preface this post, I need to confess I wanted to take a few days and get back to Austin to give myself time to process the epicness of Vegas.

I've been to Vegas MANY times. I love Vegas. Vegas is comfortable to me. But this time was different. I really took in the people, the good vibes, the excitement, the joy, the readers, bloggers, models, authors, photographers, organizers, the creators and innovators. There are actually too many good things to list in this post. My heart felt full and unburdened even though I had a TON to do and what not for my books, reveals, etc... I took the time and just enjoyed the events and loved them.

Thank you so much for being there and being you <3 Each and every one of you mean so much to me and are part of the amazing memories I get to carry with me. Thank you to Ellie McLove for having me be a part of something so special.

Now, who's up for a repeat next weekend? *raises hand*


Jodi Murphy with Ellie McLove and 14 others.

August 10, 2016

Thank you #LoveNVegas #LoveNAuthors #LoveNHunks

Total of my books were 116! (Not including what I had for my friends)
((I was the crazy lady with the wagon, yup, that's me))

Thank you for another amazing event Ellie McLove & to all of those who assisted in making this another awesome event.


L.b. Simmons

August 12, 2016

Now that I'm settled back into regular, boring life, I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Ellie McLove for hosting this event and inviting me to participate. I was not only able to catch up with old friends that I haven't seen in years, I also made some new, kick-ass ones along the way. The event was amazing, and the readers never cease to amaze me with their contagious excitement. Also, I fangirled over some authors I recently read and loved because of this event. So...thank you Ellie and all involved for making this much-needed getaway utter perfection. 


Jessica D. Hollyfield

August 10, 2016

Okay so lets go over the good, the bad(ass) and the ugly about LNV16....

The Good:
-The amount of feels you got meeting Ellie McLove.
-The warm fuzzies if you got to meet her infamous middle finger. 
-The amazing readers
-The amazing authors. 
-The bar at the signing.

The Bad(ass):
-The amazing line up of bad (ass) models. Coolest bunch of dudes ever. 
- The bad(ass) air ventilation that required me to only have 2 hours a night of sleep to function. 
- The inSANELY bad(ass) force that Ellie has behind her helping make this weekend possible. 
-The buffet at the meet/greet. Seriously. BAD(ass). I ate the shit outta that food. 

The Ugly:
-My life 72 hours post LNV.

Thank you Ellie for an amazing weekend. I love you, your boot and your middle finger. To future adventures! #peaceout



Leisa Rayven

August 10, 2016

So, guys, I'm back in Australia and totally exhausted, but I just wanted to duck in here and say THANK YOU to all of you wonderful women who dropped by to see me at the signing, or who partied with me in any way, shape or form. I was completely blown away by all of you, and thoroughly enjoyed every single interaction, especially those where boob smooshing was involved. (You know who you are.) An ENORMOUS thank you to the hot and hilarious Ellie McLove who always runs a super-slick and kickass event which rocks my world. I'm trying very hard to get to Love N. Colorado. We'll see how that works out.
Until then, I'm sending you all much love and many smooshings. 
L x


Angela Drennan Lamb with Ellie McLove and 23 others.

August 9, 2016 · Benton, AR

This was my first time in Vegas and man, did I have a BLAST! Amandayou're my girl and we always have a good time! I saw several authors again and met several new ones as well. SD Hildreth, you are fucking awesome and it was fantastic meeting you and your beautiful wife JessicaMichael was awesome meeting you and thanks for making fun of my accent . It was great meeting the other frat boys as well. Daryl Banneryou're a cutie and Mikey Lee you're a nut! Jessica D. Hollyfield, thank you for asking me to assist you even though I feel I didn't do much. Ellie McLoveyou sure know how to put on an event. I will be back next year!



Kristy Bromberg

August 7, 2016

Thank you everyone for such a great signing. Your passion for reading reinvigorates the love I have for my job with each and every signing and #LoveNVegas2016 was no different. You were patient, kind to one another, and full of love.... It was so great to meet some of you for the first time and to catch up with others I've met before.

Thanks Ellie for a well organized event!
<3 <3


Aimee Ivey-Powell with Michael Joseph and M.N. Forgy.

August 9, 2016

I had such a great time at this event!!! It was very organized and everyone was extremely nice. I got to meet some new authors and I got to meet some authors that I was already friends with, plus I got to meet some really awesome models and new friends. This was my first Vegas event and it definitely won't be my last!!!


Shelley Salter

August 9, 2016

Thank you, Ellie McLove, for such an AHHHHmazing and extremely well run event!! I don't think there was one single person who didn't have a great time! You kicked event arse!!! 
P.S. To A L L the volunteers..,, absolutely spectacular people you are!!!


Tia Louise with Beth Ehemann and 2 others.

August 7, 2016 · Enterprise, NV

HUGE thanks to all the readers and volunteers for making LoveNVegas16 so fantastic! I absolutely LOVED getting to see my amazing reader-friends (too many to try and name bc I'm scared I'll forget someone--LOL! ) I always love hanging with author buds Meghan QuinnBeth EhemannHarper SloanFelicia LynnJ.D. Hollyfield, and so many more!!! HUGE Thanks to my kickass assistant Autumn Davis (love you!!!) and to Ellie McLove for such a fun weekend. Lots of love and HUGS!!! #viva 


Ruth Clampett

August 7, 2016

At the airport and feeling great about our amazing weekend. First and foremost thank you to Ellie and team for putting on such an epic event. Awesome job.
I had such a great time with the readers who stopped by my table...thank you! Thank you Glorya for for being such a huge help at the signing. And to my author and book biz friends...I loved seeing all of you again. I'm so glad to be part of this kickass book community. 
Until next time ....


Jennifer Ryder

August 7, 2016

I appreciate how hard it is to put on an event of this magnitude. I can safely say that it exceeded my expectations. A big thank you to Ellie and every single helper (I'd start naming you all but I'd hate to leave anyone out). Also, thank you to anyone who came by my table to say hi, talked books, or simply came for the Tim Tam experience. So many memories, so many laughs. There are some beautiful people in this book community.
Until we meet again friends. 



R.k. Lilley

August 7, 2016

Thank you Ellie McLove for another amazing event and to everyone that came out to see us! We had an absolute blast! #bestweekendever#nothingbutlove